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6 GHz ePMP is Live - Let's Begin Commercial Deployment

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The ePMP family of solutions (ePMP 4600 and 4600L access points and Force 4625 and 4600C subscriber modules) has been approved for commercial deployment in both the U.S. and Canada. During this webinar, Sakid Ahmed, Bruce Collins, Fedor Trutsko and Dmitry Moiseev share an update and answer questions on the next steps for deploying ePMP in 6 GHz and how you can reap the benefits of this new, clean spectrum.

  • All about the AFC and 6 GHz Standard Power and Client Modes
  • Upcoming software versions
  • And more!

Watch the recording to find out everything you want to know about ePMP and 6 GHz deployment.



Bruce Collins, Senior Director - PLM, Cambium Networks


Sakid Ahmed, VP and GM, Cambium Networks


Fedor Trutsko, QA Manager, Cambium Networks


Dmitry Moiseev, Senior Director - Engineering, Cambium Networks