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New ePMP Solutions Deliver Multi-Gbps in 5 GHz and 6 GHz Spectrum

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Watch this webinar to learn about the latest ePMP fixed wireless solutions delivering Multi-Gbps services from Cambium Networks

  • 5 GHz ePMP 4500 Series adds 8x8 UL+DL MU-MIMO for higher performance and efficiency
  • 6 GHz ePMP 4600 Series opens 850 MHz of new clean spectrum

Hear real-world results from field trials and early deployments.

Optimize your network and decrease your TCO with the new ePMP hardware delivering flexible rapid expansion and optimized performance to meet your customer needs.


Sakid Ahmed, VP and GM, Cambium Networks


Bruce Collins, Senior Director PLM, Cambium Networks

Jihad Ghabra, Product Manager, Cambium Networks
Dmitry Moiseev, Director of Engineering, Cambium Networks
Fedor Trutsko, QA Manager, Cambium Networks
Eric Ozrelic, CEO, Webformix
  Chinmay Keskar, Systems Engineer, Cambium Networks