Webinar: Latest Updates for Cambium QoE Solution

Tuesday, May 16 at 10:00am CDT | 8:00am PDT | 3:00pm UTC

Whether you are new to Cambium and our QoE solution, or if you have already deployed QoE, you won’t want to miss this webinar. We have been busy adding numerous exciting features and statistics that bring more value to your network than ever before. Join us to learn about the benefits of:

  • TCP optimization
  • Congestion management using AI with our ACM tool
  • Application shaping at a flow level

We will share the new subscriber dashboard and all the stats that can help solve a problem faster. We will also provide an update on various billing integration systems. Last, but not least, hear from your colleagues about their experience with QoE.



          Moderator: Sakid Ahmed, VP and GM, Cambium Networks

Ryan Bowman, CEO, MontanaSky Networks

Ashraf Nusairat, Senior Architect, Cambium Networks

Steve Kielley,  Director of Sales, Cambium Networks

Sheldon Lucien, Inside Sales Representative, Cambium Networks

 Joshaven Potter, System Architect, Cambium Networks