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6 GHz ePMP Solutions from Cambium Networks

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Watch this webinar to learn how network operators are using their 6 GHz experimental licenses to get prepared for the launch of 6 GHz spectrum in 2023.  

  • Hear about real-world performance of 6 GHz ePMP solutions from Cambium Networks
  • Understand how the AFC (Automatic Frequency Coordination) will work
  • Learn how to apply for an experimental license so you can start testing 6 GHz ePMP products now
  • Get the latest projected timeline and news on when 6 GHz will be officially made available in the United States
  • See what countries outside of the United States are considering regarding 6 GHz spectrum


Bruce Collins, Sr. Director - Product Line Management, Cambium Networks



Sakid Ahmed, GM - ePMP & cnVision Business, Cambium Networks


Jihad Ghabra, Product Manager, Cambium Networks